Case Study

Optimized workflow leads to efficient distribution operation

The client is a large home furnishings chain that manufactures and distributes furniture and home décor in over 2000 locations worldwide.


The client was facing severe staffing issues and was
in perpetual backlog in both the manufacturing and distribution sections of their operation. Because of a shortage of people and no real process, they were constantly moving employees between manufacturing the furniture and loading it. This resulted in stockpiles of outbound product, creating a supply chain issue of inventory. They contacted the SIMOS team to help create an effective workflow in their facility as well as provide additional headcount.


The SIMOS team first met with the client to understand their unique challenges and to assess the best course of action. Our experts then did an engineered assessment of their current workflow and how the staff moved throughout the facility. We then made improvements and suggestions to make their inbound and outbound processes more efficient.

Our team suggested a new unloading solution to ensure product was available in their distribution centers. Our workflow has accelerated the rate in which inbound product comes into the facility, so there are no longer lags or delays in production. We also provided them with a steady headcount, so they no longer were short on staff and moving people around to cover. Because of our solution, the client was able to focus their current staff on their underserviced outbound, manufacturing and client facing functions.


Our client had a 15-month backlog and our team was able to catch them up in just 8 months. They estimated it would take two years to work through the backlog before our team stepped in. Now, our team unloads trailers as they arrive and keeps production moving efficiently.

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