Case Study

Rapid Workforces provides a quick ramp in a hard-to-recruit market

The client is a national company that produces important safety parts for the truck and trailers manufacturing industry.


The client was struggling with a $10 million backlog worth of production and distribution. They are located in an isolated area and were having a hard time attracting a qualified workforce to help them address this backlog. They contacted Rapid Workforces to bring a traveling team in to ramp up production quickly and get them back on track.


Our team met with the client to understand their unique needs and the challenges they were currently facing. The team determined that ramping up an additional workforce between their locations would help the client address their massive backlog. Our Rapid Workforces solution deployed with a qualified workforce and expert management team.


Within two weeks, our team brought in 36 associates and within a month, we had 100 associates working for the client. Our Rapid Workforces solution has helped the client make a significant dent in their backlog in a matter of months by being able to scale quickly.

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