Case Study

SIMOS team helps build recommerce operation from the ground up for MFR

The client is Midwest Fulfillment and Recommerce (MFR) is a first-of-its-kind 3PL offering bespoke services exclusively in support of the growing recommerce space.


MFR owners engaged Maven Circular, a consulting firm specializing in branded recommerce, to help them with the launch of their facility. The goal was to create a solution-agnostic operation, which could provide skilled warehousing and processing services to both brands and platform providers who desired to outsource their resale operations.

Additionally, the MFR founders wanted to create a model that could scale to multiple locations and geographies. The challenge was providing boutique services while maintaining cost competitiveness and keeping an eye towards scalability and suitability. To achieve these objectives, the Maven Circular team turned to the SIMOS team to help them build out an efficient recommerce operation.


The SIMOS team came into the picture and helped this client configure an existing empty warehouse to a fully functional recommerce operation. SIMOS team members and project leadership were onsite 4 days after MFR took possession of the building and worked collaboratively with the MFR owners to create workflows, build workstations, design storage layouts, assemble racking and even paint. SIMOS also developed a LEAN 5s program, assembled racking, and piloted a new warehouse management system (WMS) that delivers accuracy and transparency to this supply chain.


With our help, MFR has built a fully operational recommerce warehouse servicing multiple consumer brands including a Fortune 100 company. In 6 months, the team has successfully launched four recommerce programs as well as an innovative gear rental program; all while meeting required SLAs and ensuring profitable operations for our client. Together, we have achieved 95% same-day shipping and 99% order accuracy – all while launching a 50,000 square foot greenfield site one month before peak season. SIMOS also focused on creating an efficient returns evaluation process that eliminates waste, reduces carbon footprint, and gets product back out into the market.

“Having worked with SIMOS previously, we knew right away that they were the best fit for this operation. Our client [MFR] wanted to build something that didn’t exist in the market today – a 3PL operation purpose-built to service Recommerce programs. We knew that SIMOS understood how to recruit, train, and manage high-performing teams in the eCommerce space. By engaging SIMOS from the beginning, our client made an early, one-time investment of knowledge sharing that will now pay dividends when they open their next facility.”

– Nate Schisler, Maven Circular, Chief “Maven”


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