Case Study

Rapid Workforces help boost headcount quickly on a short-term project

The client is Buddy’s Plant Plus is one of the largest producers of soluble commercial fertilizer in America. They produce and ship 55,500 tons per year in their over half a million square-foot plant. They also manufacture weed killer and pesticide products.


Buddy’s Plant Plus had a large order increase from a customer, requiring an 8-week second shift line to fulfill. They were having a hard time getting the headcount they needed due to staffing shortages and the volatile job market. If they failed to fill the order, they put their contract at risk. They contacted our team to help them staff an additional short-term production line to complete the order.


Buddy’s Plant Plus was an existing client. Due to the short-term nature of the project and the quick ramp up time, we determined our Rapid Workforces solution was the best fit for the job. Our team met with the Buddy’s team to understand their unique needs and the challenges they were currently facing. Our Rapid Workforces solution deployed with a qualified workforce and expert management team. Within 48 hours, we were able to get 40+ associates they needed to help run the line at night. Our quality and skilled labor force were also able to hit KPI standards in those first 2 days as well. The additional headcount helped to fulfill the order increase quickly.

Rapid Workforces is a very convenient service if you need people quickly and you can’t find them in your area. It’s nice to have a national pool of talent to pull from and is a much different solution from others on the market

Scott Studer, Plant Manager Buddy’s Plant Plus.

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