Case Study

SIMOS team aids in retailer’s transition to automation

A Fortune 1,000 upscale casual wear retailer had exceeded peak capacity in their automated direct-to-consumer distribution center. A new automated distribution center would not be ready for their next peak season.


The client wanted to avoid providing a negative customer experience, and maintain output quality and expected delivery dates, the client sought a vendor who would be able to provide training, staffing and quality output. Understanding the retailer’s requirements, and after an engineered assessment, SIMOS developed a manual pick/pack operation to run 30% of the client’s total direct-to-consumer peak volume at the second distribution center. The SIMOS solution would need to be integrated into the center’s new automated setup the following spring..


Working side-by-side with the client’s operation and expansion project teams, SIMOS provided a manual gate-to-gate pick/pack operation with a fixed CPU scheme, including receiving, back stock puts, back stock pulls, replenishment to primary pick locations, pick, sort, pack and ship. Special sort bins and pack stations were developed to maximize efficiencies and quality, and pick passes were created to maximize units per cart and minimize picking walk times.


Our team brought in an additional 520 people, bringing our total peak headcount over 850 for a seven day, three shift, two building peak operation. SIMOS provided a seamless transition to the new automated process, including support during the move to the new automated operation.

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