Case Study

Picking Operation Doubles in Productivity After Performance Model Deployed

This client is a chain of membership-only retail warehouse clubs. Our team dealt with a specific location in Illinois for this project.


Our team previously supported this client in opening an eCommerce fulfillment center in Memphis. Because of our success in starting up their sites, they contacted the SIMOS team when another location struggled with getting quality employees. This site was also facing productivity and efficiency issues. Although they had another staffing service as a backup, they were not producing the results they were hoping for. The client hoped our team could help support this site to get back on track.


Our SIMOS team worked with the client to understand the challenges they were facing and which parts of their operations were slowing down operations. Our engineering team identified their picking process was inefficient due to their replenishment method and operational management issues. We discussed with the client how a performance model could help them reduce their cost while gaining efficiency in this area. By taking over picking, they could focus more on end-customer operations. Because of our expertise and results driven approach, the client is now able to reduce shortages in their process and fill orders faster. So far, the team has helped the client double their productivity. As our team continues to adjust their process, productivity could double again as a result of our changes.


  • Client was able to double productivity
  • Faster fill times

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