Case Study

Proven engineered strategy increases performance

Our client, a leading retailer of housewares and home furnishings, was experiencing inconsistent quality of packaging and gift wrapping.


They were also struggling with high temp variable costs year-round, low production rates, and high levels of customer complaints regarding order timeliness and accuracy. This created a negative impact to the overall service and corporate perception of this distribution center.


We implemented and executed SIMOS’ labor management strategies, engineering expertise, quality control, and process improvement techniques. In addition, we applied proven engineering principles, method standardization, work measurement metrics, incentive programs, and workforce development strategies.


As a result, quality increased to 99.5% accuracy of orders per this company’s Perfect Order Program. Returns from the customer dramatically decreased year over year due to our quality assurance program. Customer Call Center complaints also decreased significantly and we improved overall performance with savings of $1,500,000

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