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SIMOS Solutions Wins Reverse Logistics Association Operational Excellence Award

February 16, 2022

SIMOS Solutions won the 2022 Reverse Logistics Association (RLA) Operational Excellence award at the RLA annual conference. The award recognizes leadership in reverse logistics, including integration of technology, seamless operations across organizations and functions and exceptional use of staffing innovation and continuous improvement initiatives.

SIMOS Solutions was honored for its technology that enables returns processing and its reverse logistics staffing model that helps companies manage workflow and efficiency goals. With supply chain disruptions and labor shortages the top issues across the industry, finding ways to maintain productivity has been imperative. SIMOS’ ability to manage clients’ workforces based on output, not headcount, allows it to look at operations and help implement changes that can help boost productivity without reducing the number of workers in a space.

In receiving the award, RLA cited SIMOS’ advancements in technology in 2021, including a review and update to its website to improve user experience and help connect more people with work during an essential and volatile time. SIMOS also helped shape the supply chain is by making it easier for job candidates to find openings and manage their work using the Stafftrack mobile app.

SIMOS’ work to engage both associates and customers and improve processes, especially in reverse logistics, shows the power of SIMOS’ cost-per-unit model as it reaches across and beyond the supply chain. SIMOS documents all steps of the client’s processes to measure productivity: what they’re doing, pace of work and whether they’re touching the product too many times. They illustrate how the process can improve so, for example, a company that is spending 10 cents a case to unload a trailer can do it for 8.5 cents. The CPU solution on average yields 10-20% higher output than a typical contingent workforce. SIMOS aligns with client KPI’s against heads and hours in the building, resulting in a win-win partnership that drives results even when unemployment rates are low because he understands that staffing is a key element in making sure that the supply chain keeps moving as returns are processed.

“It’s an honor to be recognized as a leader in reverse logistics by a respected industry association such as RLA,” said Harold Baro, senior vice president and general manager of SIMOS Solutions. “With the enormous increase in e-commerce and returns over the past five years – and especially over the past year – reverse logistics has become an essential function. I’m thrilled that our teams have been recognized as leaders in helping operations prepare for and work through this often costly and time-consuming process.”

Read more about SIMOS Solutions’ reverse logistics operation.

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