How a CPU partner can keep your workplace safe

April 20, 2020 Casey Nighbor

A staffing partner’s number one priority should be safety. Everyone deserves a safe working environment. Learn how a cost per unit (CPU) provider can help keep your operation safe.

Creates custom safety programs

Excellent safety is no accident. That’s why we build our proven safety program to complement, support and enhance your existing program and KPIs. SIMOS is committed to proactive safety initiatives and providing safe work environments for our associates.

As a trusted CPU partner, our goal is to foster comprehensive safety awareness throughout your facility and to ensure that the program is part of every service team member’s daily framework and standard operating procedures (SOPs).

Ensures OSHA best practices

An effective CPU partner that values safety and takes initiative can be a strong point for your business. SIMOS works diligently to maintain and enhance safety in the workplace by enacting OSHA’s best practices and by maintaining OSHA logs for your operation.

Provides safety training and recommendations

We conduct comprehensive safety training during all new hire orientations. Orientation materials are communicated via simulations, videos, presentations and a client-customized orientation manual. When moving to a CPU solution, our leadership team ensures not only increased output and efficiency but safer operating procedures through training. We want your workforce to reach higher outputs without compromising safety.

Conducts safety checks

Implementation of safety habits and procedures is the key to keeping a workforce safe. Safety audits are conducted on a shift-by-shift basis to ensure that safe work habits are exhibited by every associate, every day.

Implements safety incentive programs

Compensation programs are effective ways to boost productivity but can also be used to promote safe employee practices. At SIMOS, we use incentive programs to encourage associates to employee safe practices and tailor each program to your operations KPIs.

Not sure your safety program is checking out? Download our safety checklist to evaluate.



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