5 staffing and recruitment trends for 2021

January 7, 2021 Casey Nighbor

2020 proved to be a year of unpredictability in all aspects of life—staffing included. After large changes across the industry as operations tried to adapt, 2021 will most likely be a year of recovery. A vaccine rollout is now on the horizon and the industry is going to have to navigate a post-pandemic world and workforce.

We’ve gathered some staffing trends for the new year and hope that we see some recovery in the future.

1. Surge in returns

The pandemic caused a surge in online shopping last year, with a reported 30 percent increase in eCommerce sales. It’s been estimated that $115 billion in merchandise will be returned through the end of January, up from $100 billion in 2019. This rush of returns will most likely cause a headache for many retailers as they try to sort, process and resell these items.

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2. Recovery after a vaccine

With the vaccine rolling out in late 2020 and into this year, we’ll most likely see a recovery of the economy and workforce. However, the timing of how long the vaccine will take to be distributed to the general population is still unknown and there will have to be continued vigilance with keeping workers safe until then.

3. Different supply chain disruptions

The vaccine rollout may possible stress the supply chain in different ways. Everything from production to distribution and shipping could possibly be impacted as the vaccine takes precedence in the supply chain. Depending on your industry, you may face new disruptions in the coming year.

Here are some quick ways to improve your supply chain.

4. Out of the box recruitment ideas

The economy, the unemployment rate and now a pandemic have made finding the right people incredibly difficult.  It’s no wonder that our recent survey showed that 61% of employers are having a hard time finding workers. Overall, hiring, training and retaining your employees is going continue to be challenging this year. This year it is important to get creative and think outside the box.

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5. Compliance changes

With the onset of a pandemic and an election year, there are been a ton of compliance changes recently. In addition to the proliferation of local minimum wage, sick leave and background check rules, there are new regulatory frameworks for paid sick leave with COVID-19, new protected classes and worker scheduling requirements. Time will tell if new COVID-19 compliance regulations will become permanent.

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