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Recruitment and Retention

Strategies for recruiting warehouse workers

August 4, 2021

The warehouse and storage industry employs more than 1.4 million Americans. Yet, news sources and industry experts are pointing their fingers at a warehouse worker shortage as one of the major factors disrupting supply chains across the U.S.

If you have a warehouse, you might have experienced a staff shortage. This can cause delays in fulfilling orders, which can affect your business and your customers. What steps can you take to increase your workforce and ensure that you meet the needs of your customers?

Encourage employee referrals

In the business world, it is often emphasized that your connections are more valuable than your knowledge. This principle can be applied to the recruitment process for new warehouse associates, highlighting the importance of using your existing workforce as a valuable resource when expanding your team. Your current employees may know acquaintances, friends, or family members who are struggling to find a job. You can tap into these connections to discover your next exceptional talent.

Consider incorporating a message in your employee emails and newsletters that expresses your interest in receiving job referrals. Encourage your current team members to refer individuals who possess the qualities that you value in potential candidates, and who are seeking employment.

Some companies also offer incentives for job referrals, such as a referral bonus or additional benefits. For instance, you may consider providing a gift card or making a charitable donation in the name of the referring employee as a token of appreciation if their recommended candidate is successfully hired.

Post open positions in the right places

Do you know where local job applicants are looking for work? You should because this is also where you should post your open warehouse positions.

One effective method to identify the job search sources of local candidates is to directly ask them. You can include a question on your job application form that asks them about how they discovered your job posting, and also inquire about other places where they have been seeking employment opportunities. This way, you can better understand the channels that are most effective in reaching potential candidates in your area.

Another option is to reach out to your social media followers and ask them. Then post your openings in the places that seem to be the most prevalent

Point out the benefits of working for you

Every company offers different benefits. If you want to recruit new warehouse workers, point out the benefits that you offer that are different (better) than other employers in your area.

Are you offering a better health insurance plan? Or perhaps, more days off or a top-of-the-line retirement plan? Don’t make job seekers search for this information. Instead, highlight these benefits in your job posting so that prospective employees can easily recognize where you stand out.

Pay more competitive wages

When seeking a new job, the first thing job seekers consider is the pay rate. They need to earn enough money to support themselves and their families, and ideally, save for retirement and enjoy life. Job seekers also compare the pay rates offered by different companies for the same position.

If your pay rate is not competitive, you may lose potential employees to your competitors. According to Randstad US, to be competitive in the high-demand warehouse industry, businesses should consider increasing their pay rates by up to 3.5%.

Doing so can make your company more attractive to job seekers interested in this type of work. Even if you cannot increase your rates by that much, even a small increase over your competitors can make your company more appealing.


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