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Performance Model

Why SIMOS Solutions is a different type of staffing company

May 25, 2021

Like many industries, the field of staffing companies is vast and often confusing. And much like Cinderella, you may be searching for your perfect fit.

The perfect fit in terms of staffing often comes down to their model.

While many staffing companies focus on just headcount and fill rates, ours does more. We manage your staffing needs based on performance, not headcount. The result? A model that produces results and stays on budget.

But what exactly is performance based staffing and what can it offer your business? Let’s dive into the differences of this unique model.

What is an performance-based model?

You may know it by other industry terms like cost-per-unit (CPU), but the premise is the same.

Instead of managing your staffing needs based on the number of people in the building, it manages it based on the amount of returns you need to process or the number of packages that need to be shipped.

What if your priorities change? What if demand spikes or drops?

Not a problem. Our model is built to cushion unpredictability. We’re right there with you every single day to make sure your performance goals are still reached safety and efficiently.

Our team is dedicated to your success and offering real-time support, so challenges can quickly become solutions.

An engineered solution just for you

Ever wanted your own team of engineering experts to make your business the best it could be? With SIMOS, you have a dedicated team of engineers determined to help you achieve your unique goals.

Our team assesses your operation and makes specific recommendations based on Lean Six Sigma principles and the performance you hope to achieve.

In short, their only goal is to optimize your operation and the way you use staff.

With SIMOS, you can rest assured that our team of engineers will help you achieve your KPIs.

Implementation on point

That all sounds great right? But suggestions aren’t actions. But rest assured, we have that covered too. We have a dedicated implementation team to guide your entire operation through any recommendations.

Our team shadows yours to deeply understand your business before making any changes. Then, we help create new standing operation procedures or update existing ones to help train everyone on being more efficient.

The result? Better production value, less wasted time and lower costs.

You aren’t competing for the best people

You should be focused on creating the best product, not worried about finding the best people. And you really shouldn’t be competing for the best people with every other business in town.

Unlike traditional staffing providers who assign multiple clients to a single management team, our embedded teams are focused solely on you and dedicated to your success.

We’re focused on finding you (and only you) the top talent in your area.

Recruitment pros

At SIMOS Solutions, we use precision recruiting tactics that combine grassroots and targeted digital strategies to find the best workers for your contingent labor pool and get them to work right when you need them.

In short, this is what we do every day and we’re good at what we do. You’ll never have to worry if you have enough qualified people for the day—that’s our job and priority.

24/7 support

Ever dreamed of having a service team to handle all the administrative tasks of having employees? Enter our centralized services team.

Our centralized services team works around the clock to support our onsite teams and your staffing program. They handle the day-to-day administrative tasks like E-Verify, background and drug screening and client-specific onboarding requirements, (so you don’t have to.)

It’s all-hands-on-deck at SIMOS Solutions. No matter what your staffing need—we’ve got you covered.

Want to learn more about our unique staffing model and how we can transform your business with an performance-based approach? Get in touch here. We’d love to talk more!


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