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SIMOS Cares: Connecting people and work clothes

July 22, 2021

There can be many barriers to finding work, but clothing shouldn’t be one of them. When the SIMOS Solutions team in Oregon heard that some people were hesitant to apply for jobs because of clothing requirements, they got to work.

“I received feedback from applicants with concerns about having appropriate clothing for the warehouse positions SIMOS is hiring for,” said Recruiter Scott Arundel. “So, I contacted Goodwill to set up a partnership to make sure that no one had to turn down a job offer because of clothing.”

In July, SIMOS Solutions in Lebanon, Ore., partnered with Goodwill Job Connections for the first of ongoing monthly hiring events that offered $25 clothing vouchers if workers were hired during the event. As part of the partnership agreement, if applicants were not eligible for employment through SIMOS due to a background check or other reasons, Goodwill offered to work individually with those applicants to find them work placement in the community. Those applicants would still be awarded the clothing voucher upon getting hired through Goodwill.

“The new hires we spoke with were extremely grateful for the opportunity to get the clothing they needed and the opportunity to work with SIMOS,” said Susan Strickland, Goodwill employment specialist.

SIMOS and Goodwill plan to host additional events in the coming months, at the SIMOS recruiting office in Albany, Ore., and at multi-business job fairs in the area. It’s a partnership that will benefit not only SIMOS and Goodwill, but the whole community.

“Making sure people have access to jobs and the gear they need to be successful is crucial to making sure the local economy continues to grow,” Arundel said.

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