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SIMOS, Abercrombie and Fitch Collaborate on Safety

August 3, 2020

At SIMOS Solutions’ Abercrombie and Fitch client site in Ohio, safety is everyone’s responsibility.

Leadership maintains floor presence to ensure everyone follows protocols. Managers and supervisors perform safety observations and Critical Behavior Inventory reports. But the most important reason that the site had zero OSHA-recordable injuries through the first half of 2020 is the associates, who help maintain a safety culture by suggesting changes and improvements.

Their empowerment to be part of the safety culture means they are able to work with Abercrombie team members to find ways to improve safety.

“We identified an issue with the potential of blue totes falling off the top of our pack wall and creating a safety issue in our pack aisle,” said Tim Monaghan, one of three safety captains and a safety mentor for other Great Lakes Region sites. “Our associates helped us determine the cause of the issue and worked with the client to solve it. Their solution made the pack wall area safer and eliminated the potential issue.”

Coming up with solutions to safety issues starts at new hire orientation, as associates learn more than the required safety procedures. They also learn that they can and should collaborate with the client on safety.

At work, they receive coaching to help reduce injuries and participate in the Safety Stand Down, an informal incident review of an injury or near-miss. This allows associates to have input on the details of the injury and preventative activities to avoid it.

“I’m incredibly proud of the way our associates and the client work hand-in-hand to keep everyone safe,” said Senior Vice President and General Manager Harold Baro. “Involving our associates in safety decisions and meetings allows them to be proactive not just about their safety, but about everyone’s safety.

By using a collaborative approach to safety, we show not only that safety is our top priority at SIMOS, but that everyone’s voice counts in keeping the workplace safe.”

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