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Peak Season

How Rapid Workforces can help move your operation forward: A Q&A with Jason Essenberg, VP of Rapid Workforces

October 17, 2023

Our solution, Rapid Workforces, was created to help businesses solve complex workforce problems in the challenging market we’re seeing today. When your business needs workers you can count on, fast, we offer short-term support to get you through challenging times in your operation.

We spoke with Jason Essenberg, Vice President of Rapid Workforces, to get his expertise on the details of this new solution and how companies can leverage Rapid Workforces for big results.

1. What challenges are you seeing for employers out in the market right now?

The last year has been filled with huge changes to both the way businesses work and the way they plan to work in the future. Many of our clients are struggling with attracting and retaining talent. They are still largely trying to fill open roles in a tough market.

2. How has the pandemic changed staffing?

Unfortunately, work will likely not be returning to the way it was before the pandemic. Change is now a constant in this new world and one big challenge in 2023 is coming to terms with this new reality. A big change from the pandemic is the expectation of flexible and remote work.

For the past two years, companies have been in flex attempting to return to the office. But that’s how organizations operated in the past. Employees have experienced flexible and remote work arrangements and have come to expect this as part of the experience. In a competitive and tight labor market, you can’t afford to ignore what employees now need.

3. Who is Rapid Workforces a best fit for?

Rapid Workforces is a highly specialized project-based service that’s best for supporting short to mid-term projects and seasonality. It can help when demand spikes and you require additional workforce support beyond what full-time and regular contingent staff can satisfy. Our team works to match your process and timeline.

Our programs are also highly customized and turnkey, so you can focus on other aspects of your business while our team gets the job done. Rapid Workforces is an ideal fit for organizations struggling to find a qualified workforce to meet quick or unexpected demands for short to mid-term projects.

4. What problems can Rapid Workforces help solve?

Some common problems we can help solve are accelerated growth where you’re struggling to find workers fast enough, unexpected peaks in demand for your product or service, projects that require quick scaling or ramp up or being located in difficult labor markets. With Rapid Workforces we’ll deploy teams for short to mid-term needs to help drive your business forward.

5. What is different and unique about our Rapid Workforces solution vs. other providers that offer one similar?

What really makes us different is how fast and nimble our teams can be as well as the expertise we bring to the table. Our experienced and dedicated teams leverage our decades of staffing knowledge to enhance the customer experience and move businesses into the next level.  Instead of fitting clients into a model, we tailor a solution that is unique to every client.

On arrival, our team will assess your workforce challenges and prescribe the right peak project team for the specific situation. Our leadership team will then deploy to the site, providing the full training and day-to-day management of your Rapid Workforces team.

Throughout our progression, we’ll continuously optimize the process to provide our clients with the very best outcome for your business. As a client nears the end of our engagement, we’ll determine the best exit strategy and even discuss ideas of a longer-term relationship to keep momentum going.

Interested in learning more about Rapid Workforces and how we can help your operation? Download our free info sheet here

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