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Peak Season

Peak Season 2020: Navigating Peak in a New World [Guide]

October 12, 2020

This year is turning out to be a challenging one for all businesses and peak is no exception.

Because of COVID-19, the 2020 peak season is shaping up to be much different than it’s ever been. Businesses are having to shift to meet changing consumer demands, while ensuring the safety of their staff.

As leading providers in the staffing space, we conducted a study to get an understanding of current pressures and how businesses are navigating peak this year.

Our results show the complex set of problems that many operations currently face during peak season. According to the survey, 61% of employers are having a hard time finding workers to meet peak demands despite the high unemployment rate.

We dive further into results like these and more in the following guide.

And while your peak season may be already under way, these insights offer a broader picture into the challenges that companies face every year and how COVID-19 might impact future seasons.

Access the guide

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