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3 ways you know you’ve found a good staffing partner

March 25, 2020

Is your staffing partner giving you what you need? Are you unsure of whether you’ve made the right choice?

Learn a few easy ways to tell if your current staffing provider is a true partner in your operation.

1. They use innovative, engineered techniques

Is your staffing partner making your operation more efficient? A good staffing provider uses an engineered assessment process to identify specific work cells where their leadership team can provide changes that drives efficiencies. They should be constantly optimizing the way you use your contingent workforce in your operation.

By doing this, a good staffing partner is reducing the cost of labor and increasing the output of your operation.

2. They offer scalable solutions that fit the size of your operation

Markets can be volatile and business demands can quickly change. Is your provider able to offer certainty and predictability during these times? A good partner can respond rapidly to the peaks and valleys of changing business demands, so you never have to worry about hitting your goals.

3. They offer incentive pay programs for their associates

High turnover can be very costly and time consuming for your operation. A sure-fire way to reduce this risk is an incentive pay program for your associates. A good provider has a strong pay program is place in order to enhance retention, increase productivity and promote quality performance.

If your current provider isn’t doing these things, it might be time for a change.

At SIMOS, we provide you with a customized performance-based workforce solution, whether you’re in distribution, fulfillment, reverse logistics or retail. Our goal is to provide workforce solutions that deliver reduced cost, budget certainty and increased productivity while meeting your quality standards.

Depending on your operational needs, we offer several pricing models, such as a performance-based pricing model that incorporates an hourly rate component. We also offer a hybrid model that combines these two approaches.

Whatever model you select, our top priorities are the same. We strive to increase your operational capacity and find opportunities to drive efficiency in order to give you higher output, reduced costs and budget certainty.

Contact us today to see how we can improve your staffing experience.

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