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Celebrating Our Veterans: Cody Miller

November 10, 2021

Military service made Cody Miller into the leader he is today. After serving as a corporal in the Marine Corps from 2012-2016, mostly at Camp Pendleton, Calif., with stints in Japan, South Korea, Guam and Australia, he went to college and joined SIMOS Solutions as an associate in 2020. He was soon promoted to site leader for the Walmart account in Greencastle, Ind., which gave him the opportunity to use the leadership skills he witnessed and learned in the military.

“I believe some of the best qualities of my leadership come from my experiences in the military,” he said. “I was fortunate enough to spend time under exemplary leaders. I try to emulate their leadership styles every day I walk in the building.”

In doing so, he highlights an important part of the military experience: camaraderie. That feeling that everyone is in it together is prevalent in the Marine Corps, and Miller applies it to his work team, too.

“I genuinely care about my team and do my best to make sure they are safe and healthy at the workplace,” he said. “And I make sure they know that they always have my support.”

In a little more than a year and a half with the company, Miller has been impressed by not only the number of veterans in the company, but the way they are celebrated across TrueBlue.

“I feel that SIMOS has a great respect for veterans,” he said. “My leaders respect my experience in the Marine Corps and appreciate the skills I acquired while in the service.”

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