5 common workforce problems and how to fix them

March 30, 2020 Casey Nighbor

At SIMOS, we provide you with a customized strategic labor solution, whether you’re in distribution, fulfillment, reverse logistics or manufacturing. Our goal is to provide workforce solutions that deliver reduced cost, budget certainty and increased productivity while meeting your quality standards.

We’ve helped companies just like yours solve their common issues with proven solutions.


Problem: High turnover

Quick turnaround times can lead to overworked employees and more demands increases.

Solution: High turnover can be very costly and time consuming for your operation. A sure-fire way to reduce this risk is an incentive pay program for your associates. A provider like SIMOS that has a strong pay program is place in order to enhance retention, increase productivity and promote quality performance.


Problem: Reduced productivity and output

Associates may not be productive or avoid participation in production.

Solution: As a result, you’ll have to pay to rework the product and risk your client relationships. A trusted partner like SIMOS would be accountable for productivity results and utilization without any increase in cost to you.


Problem: Market changes

Markets can be volatile and business demands can quickly change.

Solution: A trusted partner like SIMOS is able to offer certainty and predictability during these times.  We can respond rapidly to the peaks and valleys of changing business demands, so you never have to worry about hitting your goals


Problem: Training and compliance

Getting employees up to speed and hiring compliant

Solution: Partner with a reputable company that you can trust. At SIMOS, we ensure compliance for every one of our clients. We also take on the responsibility of onboarding new employees and updating standard operation procedures to increase efficiency and productivity in your operation.


Problem: Safety

Making sure all employees are following proper safety procedures

Solution: SIMOS has the proper safety program and procedures to make sure associates are staying safe in the workplace. Our number one priority is keeping everyone safe on the job.


If you are having workforce challenges in your operation and could use some help, contact SIMOS today to see how we can help.

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