TAG Teams: What they are and how they can help your business

March 27, 2020 Casey Nighbor

We want to create standard operating procedures that ensures your success. Our TAG team does just that.

What is TAG?

TAG stands for tactical achievement group and includes experienced senior level implementation managers, engineers, subject matter experts and HR professionals. Their primary focus is on design improvements and implementation planning to ensure program success.

What is their process?

They begin by reviewing your current processes and operational requirements. The TAG team often shadow your own subject matter experts—you know your business best.

Then as a team, they will work to update or create new standard operation procedures as well as training materials to ensure the steps of each process are being performed effectively

TAG focuses on:

-Production and quality standards

-Converting your operation to a cost-per-unit model

-Tracking, measuring and reporting

-And more

Learn more about SIMOS’ TAG team by downloading our free info sheet 

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