Manufacturing roles join vaccine delivery related work as top supply chain jobs this spring say Staff Management | SMX and SIMOS Solutions

April 8, 2021 Brad Perkins

CHICAGO – April 8, 2021 – As the industrial economy grows, companies across the supply chain need workers to pack, ship and deliver products; process returns; and maintain health and safety standards, according to leading staffing firms Staff Management | SMX and SIMOS Solutions. Using analysis from their award-winning Stafftrack® tool, which tracks job openings across the country, the firms found that these key manufacturing and e-commerce roles will join pandemic-related work – from sanitation and health screenings to vaccine delivery – as top jobs across the supply chain.

Using data from the first quarter of 2021, the firms identified jobs that reflect the continued expansion of e-commerce, growth across manufacturing and the need for top talent in making sure products and essential supplies are produced, packaged, shipped and delivered on-time and accurately:

  • Vaccine-related work, including distribution and logistics
  • Food Production, Quality Control and Packaging Associates
  • Air Cargo, Mail Distribution and Airline Catering Workers
  • Automobile Assembly Line and Production Workers
  • Returns, Packing and Sorting Workers
  • Janitorial/Hygiene/Housekeeping Staff, including Temperature Takers
  • Materials Handling and Distribution Associates
  • Warehouse Associates
  • Logistics and Transportation Coordinators

With key roles in distribution, transportation and logistics becoming available, more companies are using temporary workers to maintain customer satisfaction across both ends of the supply chain, while ensuring that work is done safely and efficiently. These jobs can :

“The strong outlook for continued growth across manufacturing, logistics, transportation and e-commerce and the continued need for health and safety roles will bring increased opportunities for workers to gain valuable experience across the supply chain,” said Carl Schweihs, president of TrueBlue’s PeopleManagement division, which oversees Staff Management | SMX and SIMOS Solutions.

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